Swimming Pool Services

Swimming Pool Installations and Construction

Let us build you and your family a swimming pool to enjoy for years to come. By selecting Legendary Pool Plastering, you are supporting a locally owned business. We provide reliable and affordable pool services to Pasadena and nearby cities.

Pool Replastering

Do you have worn-down plaster?

Over time your pool finish can start to wear down, showing an uneven, sharp or rugged plaster that can rip bathing suits and scratch your skin.

When you see this, it is time to replaster your pool, making the pool's surface smooth and easy to care for. We can upgrade your pool to a new finish too. Get your pool looking good, let us give you a quote on plastering your pool.

Pool Plastering Services

Pool Repairs - Leaks

As your pool ages, the plaster will require occasional repair. It is not uncommon to see cracking, chipping or hollow spots appear. These wear spots are showing the gunite below the plaster surface and we can repair your pool as we have the right tools, materials and pool repair experience.

Do you suspect a leak in your pool?

We can repair leaks too. We can repair it in a timely, efficient manner so you can get back to enjoying your pool, leakfree!

Pool Renovations

Our pool renovation services will create a new look for your existing pool. We can work with the existing pool to create a new experience without having to demolish or rebuild from scratch. If you want to raise up the pool floor or add a hot tub or another water feature, we can give your backyard a whole new look and pool experience.

Underwater Repairs

We do Underwater Repairs too.

Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

Let us keep your pool in pristine shape.

Pool Maintenance

Acid Wash

Acid wash is a process using a chemical, muriatic acid, to clean your pool. We spray the acid onto the pool's surface to remove any grime and build-up. Then we will use a brush to scrub and remove any algae or stains that have built up in your pool.

Cool Decks

Cool Deck is a heat reducing surface for the barefoot areas around your pool. By installing cool deck, your family can enjoy a cooler surface to walk on instead of pavers or stone.

Tile & Coping

We can install decorative tile around the perimeter of the pool and on the steps. We have many tile samples for you to choose from.

One of the most important aspects of constructing a pool is decorative coping. We use top quality stone or brick for your coping.

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